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What is Feminine Genius?

An indigenous people of the Amazon say that humanity is like a bird with two wings, one masculine and one feminine. 

Obviously, both the masculine and the feminine wings are needed for the bird to be whole, powerful, and to fly as it is meant to.

They also say that for far too long, the masculine wing has been pumping strongly and is over-developed from overuse. 

And that the feminine wing is almost atrophied from underuse.


As humans, our masculine ‘wing’ helps us do things like hustle, think, make logical decisions, be productive, be practical, compete, plan, and make sh!it happen.

Our feminine ‘wing’ — or what I call Feminine Genius — helps us flow, feel, intuit, live with pleasure & sensuality, connect, envision, and make life meaningful.


As a culture,
we favor our masculine wing
and forget our feminine wing.

Every human, regardless of gender, has Feminine Genius qualities and strengths within us. 

When we balance out our over-developed masculine wing with the qualities and strengths of our feminine wing — our Feminine Genius — our lives become more beautiful, powerful, soulful & meaningful.

With our 
Feminine Genius wing strong, 
as we live our lives, 
love our beloveds 
& create our creations, 
we don’t just hustle, 
we also flow.

We don’t just think, we also feel.

We aren’t just logical, we also intuit.

We don’t just maximize productivity, we also live pleasurably.

We don’t just focus on the practical, we also savor the sensual.

We don’t just compete, we also connect.

We don’t just plan, we also envision.

We don’t just 
make sh!t happen, 
we also make life 
beautiful, powerful, 
soulful & meaningful.

In order to get as far as you have gotten in your life and work, it’s likely that you’ve had to beat up on yourself, ignore your signals, and put parts of yourself to sleep:

Your own voice
Your body
Your desires.
Your intuition
Your soul
Your sensuality
Your bigness
Your loudness
Your fire
Your feelings.
Your changeable energy levels, moods & productivity. 
Your longing to connect, to be seen, and to be celebrated.

In other words, your Feminine Genius. 

All those strengths we think of as NOT strengths.

Without Feminine Genius we are that bird trying to fly with only one wing. 

We might be able to fly some, but probably not without a lot of flapping around in endless circles and definitely not without a lot of effort and fatigue.

Now, while I do love and respect our masculine wing, we are stuck in a painful rut of personal misery and cultural angst because we have for too long been trying to work, love, and live using primarily our masculine wing. 

It’s angering, saddening, and depleting us. 

In order to fly well, dear one,
you must activate 
your Feminine Genius. 

Then you naturally emerge with:

  • Knowing your own voice and listening to it
  • Connection to yourself and your aliveness
  • Discernment of what is and isn’t right for you
  • Self-trust
  • Confidence (without changing you weight, wardrobe, or income)
  • Enjoyment of the delicious divinity of your body
  • Clarity about what next steps to take
  • Growing backbone and audacity to take those next steps

Knowing all this often means the difference between …

… getting lost in self-doubt versus being able to confidently make the decisions that shape your future

… being even harder on yourself versus treating yourself reverently

… feeling stuck in life versus living a life that is intentional, beautiful & meaningful.

Here are a few ways to bring your feminine wing out of retirement, fatten her up, and get her all strong & shiny.

You’ll find it wherever books are sold. But the links above will get you bonus masterclasses.

A great first step to tapping into your Feminine Genius.

Fly, dear one, fly!

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PPS: Photo by Caique Nascimento of Unsplash

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