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What is going on with, “I am doing what for how much and why?!?”

I have been hearing and reading so much lately about Quiet Quitting and The Great Resignation.

It isn’t a new phenomenon for people to “phone it in” when they’ve long lost interest in the work they are doing but haven’t yet handed in their resignation — aka Quiet Quitting.

It isn’t a new phenomenon for people to realize they can make more money and have more of their life back if they become a contractor working from home vs a salaried employee chained to their cubicle. Or to realize that work is making them sick so they can no longer work, or that they spend more in childcare than they earn from work so WTF?!? — aka The Great Resignation.

It isn’t new, but it’s now more common. It’s reached a fever pitch, a cultural zeitgeist, especially since the pandemic. Maybe you relate …

I have a hunch about what is having so, so, so many of us say something like, “What in the actual F? I am doing what for how much and why? Is this actually how I want my life to be? Is this actually who I want to be?”

I call it The Great Reckoning.

With a tip of my hat to Brene Brown who used that term to describe a no-bullshit way to engage with ourselves and our feelings, I see The Great Reckoning as a moment in our lives when the gears of the daily status quo grind to a halt and we realize that Something Just Ain’t Right.

Maybe we are crystal F-ing clear that some shit’s got to change. Maybe we are wildly confused about what in the world is going on but we know we just can’t take another step along the road we’ve been walking.

It’s not just about work. It’s the person that wonders what’s wrong with them and why can’t they just stay in their marriage? It’s the woman who knows there’s a version of themselves they are meant to be but they feel very, very far away from it. It’s the person that anguishes, “is this all there is?” but doesn’t yet have a sense of what could be different. It’s the person who is exhausted, burnt out, and has only enough life left in them to wave a flag of surrender.

Do you agree with my hunch that this is part of what’s under our tectonic collective angst, dear one?

The Great Reckoning highlights what’s wrong and what’s no longer working, but it isn’t a problem or a mistake.

It’s an invitation. To course correct.

The Great Reckoning is a gateway, which — if we choose to step bravely through it — transforms us (and our lives) as far and as fully as we are willing to go.

Although we might get in or out of a relationship or job, what The Great Reckoning asks us to reckon with first is not always the outer workings of our lives. First, it’s about our inner workings.

Who we are.
What is meaningful to us.
How we show up when things get painful.
Whether or not we know what is ours to do this lifetime.
Whether we love — or even like — ourselves.
How we anchor ourselves in joy.
What we want — truly — regardless of everyone else’s opinions about what we should want.

The road beyond the gate of The Great Reckoning is uncharted, unmarked, and generally you’ve got to bring your own machete to clear the way. Which can be scary.

Many turn back. Many hang around the gate, in limbo.

But many — and I have a hunch that means you, dear one — might be scared but are also willing. And perhaps even thrilled. (About-to-parachute-out-of-an-airplane thrilled, but thrilled nonetheless).

As someone who helps folks through The Great Reckoning and into a Radical Reinvention, I know that where you are going is good. Truly good. Goodly true.

I know that you are headed onto the newer, truer, wiser, stronger path of your life.

A Reclamation. Revitalization. Reconsecration.

Feeling sweetness in being you. Knowing how you want to use your life, this lifetime. Learning how to mine for the gold in such unlikely places as shame, overwhelm, and inner warring. Loving your flesh. Walking with wisdom. Living a good life.

The Great Reckoning begins with a great stripping away. Because what you knew yesterday is not what you need to know today.

The Great Reckoning reveals parts of yourself once buried and disavowed. And will not let up until you welcome those prodigal beauties home.

The Great Reckoning roots you out of your hiding places where you’ve stayed too silent for too long. So you can grow into the next version of who you are becoming.

I’m always curious to hear if this resonates with you. You can add a comment on Facebook, if you prefer. Whatever your favorite forum, I look forward to hearing from you.

Here at the gate of The Great Reckoning,

Moving you through the dark night & into your one wild precious life

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