Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

When you feel like a failure/fraud, round-the-clock, I can help.

I’m going to bet that one part of you knows you’re a miraculous, phenomenal badass. 

And yet, another part of you — perhaps loudest and most consistent — feels like a failure or a fraud, regardless of how many extra hours you put in or how close to ‘perfect’ you come. 

You probably likely tell yourself nutty things like

  • Hold back
  • Work harder
  • Stay small
  • You don’t know enough yet
  • Who are you to do that?
  • You’re going to mess it up
  • You’re not good enough

These voices come from somewhere — perhaps from your past and/or from the culture we all live inside of, that doesn’t particularly value girls/women.

These voices stop us all from living lives we enjoy, that are meaningful, intentional, and beautiful. 

This is not OK with me.

And I’m sure it’s not OK with you either. But I would bet my left leg you’ve tried so much and then some to change it already.

Here’s how I can help:

ONE: We find where those voices got started.

TWO: We change things at the root.

THREE: You walk away with a new normal, feeling increasingly like your badass self.

This can look like

  • Knowing your own voice
  • Living open-hearted
  • Walking into a room feeling like you own the joint
  • Working with flow and truly not pushing so damn hard
  • Knowing you have a vital contribution to make
  • Knowing that your presence is important
  • Having a twinkle in your eye because you can finally see yourself, consistently, like your friends see you

This is what a breakthrough session is all about.

There’s always a distinct place inside you where the “you’re a fraud/failure” voices took hold. But it’s neatly tucked away in your unconscious, so it takes some skill and training to find it.

In our breakthrough session, we find it and we change it, which points you in the right direction in your life called self e-fu*king-steem thankyouverymuch.

Our breakthrough session is actually a little package that contains:

ONE: Pre-session foundation-laying

You’ll get everything rolling by filling in a questionnaire, so we can both get clear about which self-limiting voice, belief, or pattern we’ll be focusing on.

You can also share with me some of your unique history, family background, identities, gifts, and life journey. 

In order to connect some dots before our session and then be able to make some extraordinary change in a relatively short amount of time, I want to know as much of the whole of you as possible.

TWO: Our breakthrough session

Using my breakthrough methodology, we find where the crappity-crap got started and we change things at the root, thereby elegantly freeing you from the self-belittling voices.

Carve out 2 hours for this deep-dive inner rewiring session.

We’ll meet by Zoom video conference or phone, depending on your preference.

THREE: 30-minute post-session strategy and integration session

We’ll focus on the next steps, resources, and tools — customized to you.

So you have what you need to be on your way to the YOU that you were always meant to be. 

Learn more and book yours


No, we won’t change every life-long pattern in one session. 
But we will be able to truly transform the one that we focus on.

I would love to work together in this format. The results are as miraculous and phenomenal as you are.


“Even with degrees from prestigious universities, a great career, and world travel, I always blamed myself for not being ‘perfect.’

I no longer have those haunting thoughts. I now know that it is OK to be myself and still be great.”

Health Care Manager, Seattle WA 


“I have stopped second-guessing myself based on someone else’s opinion and have a new level of self-confidence. Working with LiYana was fast, efficient, and easy – and nothing short of a miracle.”

Tamara Cameron, CHC, LE, AADP
Optimal Health Coach, Las Vegas NV


“I no longer see myself as a project to fix. I have developed a loving relationship with myself and with life. This work has been beyond worth it; it’s been priceless.”

Shadi Mogadime
Spiritual Activism Coach, Toronto CA


“LiYana is pure genius. She’s my guru, and I’m not into gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner.”

Nisha Moodley
Women’s Leadership Coach, Salt Spring Island CA


“LiYana helped me reconnect to my power, joy, and deep desires — which has helped me continue my recovery from addictive patterning, depression, and panic — so it has been worth every penny, many times over.”

Amy Splitt
Visionary Writer, Blacksburg VA


“My work with LiYana left me feeling renewed, whole, and worthy, equipped to handle any great challenges that come my way. The love I have for myself now is priceless.”

Jennifer Zlaket
Meditation Teacher, Guatemala


Breakthrough session, here we come!

To your badassery,

PS: Extended payment plans are available. Check ‘em out.

PPS: A limited amount of partial scholarships are available as well. Women of color to the front of the line. Let me know if this is you by reaching out.

PPS: Photo by Wendy K. Yalom photography

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