Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

Why on earth did they join The Embodiment Experience? [video: 7 women’s stories]

I’m heart-melting to share this video with you.

I asked seven Embodiment Experience alumnae to share what they got from our mentorship program together – and what stuck with them three, five, and even nine years later.

But before you watch it, I suggest you do two things:

1. Take three deep breaths.

2. Carve out, using your sacred boundary knife, a few minutes of quality time.

Here’s why.

You know how we usually make it through our emails and our days … in 1-minute text replies, in 140-character tweets, in twitchy scrolls through social media feeds, in multi-tasking eating a few bites of breakfast while answering an email while driving to the store …?

That is the exact opposite of what The Feminine requires to unfurl her magic and soak deliciousness into our lives.

The Feminine requires space. Breath. Quality time vs. quantity time. Letting the hum of our motors still for a bit.

And then in She rushes.

Bringing juice to the dried up places, bringing confidence to the doubt-filled places, and bringing fire to the unlit places.

So before you watch this video, please set the stage with a few quality-time breaths so that what these women have to share about the extraordinary ways The Feminine has reshaped their lives, self-trust and self-worth, has some space to enter in.

If you are curious about Woman: The Embodiment Experience, come take a look around this incredible program-of-my-heart.

We begin soon, but there is still time to join us.

So if you feel a pull toward letting The Feminine make miracles with your life, I invite you to apply, so we can both see if we are a fit. I need to be sure that what you are wanting, the program will absolutely deliver to you, and even surpass what you are hoping is possible.

To your fire,

PS: Yes, this program is in-depth and therefore not inexpensive. However, don’t get stopped by that, OK?

There are partial scholarships available, and with each woman, we work something out that is absolutely doable for her life and financial reality, in a way that feels good, safe, and exciting.

I – and the women already in the program – can’t wait to welcome you!

Come on in, the water’s fine.

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