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Why you should trust your v@gina

Allow me to explain why I think Cate Blanchett got it right and women ought to begin trusting our innate feminine genius and looking to our yonis for guidance.

A few years back Stephen Colbert did an interview with actor Cate Blanchett. 

As they talked about the Broadway play she was in, Blanchett explained that the main question the play is asking is:  “As you move forward in life, where is your moral compass, in this really brutal world?”

When Colbert followed up by asking Blanchett where her own moral compass sits, Blanchett immediately responded: “In my vagina.”

Yes, she did.

She said “vagina.” 
On network television. 
With a twinkle in her eye and absolute confidence in her body.
As if she were sitting on a secret to living a good and joyful and true life.

Because she is.

She IS sitting on a secret 
to living a good and joyful and true life.

We all need and want a moral compass — to help us get clear about what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s true and what’s false, what step to take next, what to create or what to let go of — to guide us in ways that honor our lives and all of life. 

But a moral compass in your own self? 
In your own body? 
In your vagina? 
Rather than via the expert, the leader, or the PhD? 

The simple answer is yes. 

Instead of vagina, 
I call it your Oracle. 
The Oracle Between Your Thighs 
to be exact.

Discovering Your Own Oracle

For millennia, an oracle was a person or sometimes a place like a cave, shrine, or spring, said to have the ear of the Divine and be a mouthpiece for the Divine. 

If you had a question you needed an answer to, a quandary about which direction to go, an indecisive moment, you would head to the oracle and ask.

For the past 22 years, I have been working with women to help them consult their own Oracles. I encourage them to look within before consulting any expert, leader, or PhD outside of themselves, as the rest of the world too often and too quickly instructs them to do.

Your Oracle is the area of your body — your pelvis — that is below your belly button and above your tailbone. 

It holds most of your female reproductive organs including your uterus, ovaries, cervix, vagina, clitoris, pelvic nerve, and labia. No matter how many of those organs you currently have. 

Your Oracle will orient you 
toward your wisdom, joy & truth. 

As Cate Blanchett proclaimed it does for her.

It is my honor and joy to support women to not only clear away blocks, fear, and shame from this powerful, vulnerable part of our bodies (and identities) but also to learn how to use the powers of our “Oracles” as a moral compass — and a mouthpiece for the Divine. 

As writer Seth Godin says (and I couldn’t agree more), 

“You think you need a map, 
but what you really want is a compass.”

5 reasons your v@gina makes an excellent moral compass


The Sanskrit word for this area of the body is yoni, which translates as “divine gateway to life.” 

Vedic Tantra, a philosophy that originated in the first millennium CE, and informed the more esoteric branches of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, believed that this spot on a woman’s body — the Yoni, the portal through which all physical life comes — is holy. 

Women and their Yonis were held in high esteem, considered to be physical embodiments of the Goddess. We as a culture have largely forgotten this, and largely believe that our vaginas are quite far from holy. 

It’s time 
to set the record straight.


This part of your body is creativity central. It is intelligence central. 

Whether you choose to create a book, a business, breakfast, or a baby, your Oracle (also home to the first & second chakras) has been considered for millennia to be the metaphysical seat of passionate creativity as well as to hold the physical power to create and sustain life. 

A woman who is feeling 
a lack of creativity 
or a lack of passion 
is often also feeling 
cut off or numb to her body, 
her femininity, her Oracle.


This group of organs (below your belly button and above your tailbone) physically distinguish us as female (males have different ones). This group of organs metaphysically connect us with our “feminine” strengths. 

All genders have “masculine” and “feminine” strengths within us, but as a world we grossly overuse our “masculine” to the point of personal, cultural, and planetary breakdown. 

(Note, however many or few female reproductive organs you have, you are fully able to wield your “feminine” strengths). 

While the masculine in us thinks, the feminine feels
While the masculine in us reasons, the feminine intuits
While the masculine in us acts, the feminine attracts.
While the masculine in us competes, the feminine connects

A powerful strength of the feminine in each of us is about creating and nurturing humanity, rather than controlling it, exploiting it, or dominating it.

What is it 
that is asking to live through you, 
to get into this world, 
to blossom & be?


Wise, keen, and profound AF. 

There’s a distinct and measurable pulse in your v@gina (distinct from the pulse of your circulatory system) that pulses when you are moved, inspired, excited — and a clear YES or NO to something.

Wondering if those clothes, that date, that friend, that job is for you or not? 
The pulses in your Oracle, know. 

You may not have noticed these pulses yet, but I can promise you they are there. 

And paying a little more attention to your inner knowing below your belt is usually a lot simpler and cheaper than asking advice from an expert, leader, or PhD.

Ever had a doctor ask you to describe the pain in your shoulder — whether it’s dull, aching, or sharp, and if you feel the pain more toward the bone or the surface of your skin? 

Tuning in to the pulses in your Oracle is similarly simple: place your awareness on your low belly or between your thighs and start to notice what you feel. 

Is it warm, cool, numb? 
Do you feel pulsations or movement? 
And if so, where? 

Just like you might describe to a doctor the source of an ache, describe to yourself this source of your body’s wisdom.

This is the first step to knowing 
what inspires, moves & excites you
and what you are a clear YES or NO to.


This spot on your body is all about pleasure — of all kinds. 

One job of the pelvic nerve is to relay pleasurable sensations to your brain, which then releases the neurotransmitter dopamine. 

Dopamine is confidence, clarity, courage, feeling like a million bucks, knowing that you can do it, knowing what “it” is.

When you are enjoying yourself — inside or outside the bedroom — you are out of stress mode. And when you are out of stress mode, you are tapped into your most authentic self and to your intuition. 

You just can’t access the same levels of inner knowing and believing in yourself when you are stressed out versus when you are enjoying yourself and your life.

And your Oracle 
is all about helping you 
enjoy yourself & your life.

To your compass,

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