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my signature programs: your launching pad to flourish and fly


Hello, dear one. I’m so glad you landed here.


I suspect you find yourself here because you:

  • realize that the effectiveness, joy, fulfillment, and truth you want for yourself and in your life requires you to take a deep look — inside and out — at the uncharted beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that restrict you and dim you down
  • want radiant transformation and unparalleled support, via multiple sessions over multiple months
  • are excited to make a significant financial investment in you — your greatest asset
  • know that when you rise, you’ll take the world along with you

I think of our work together as a software update for your soul — so you can bring your luminous confidence and clarity into your life, your love, and your leadership.


“My entire life I struggled to see my beauty.  I was reeeally hard on myself, jealous, afraid of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone.  With LiYana’s thoughtful, spacious, loving attention, we shifted old beliefs that had been driving some seriously unhealthy behaviors for a long time.  The love I have for myself now is priceless.”
Jennifer Zlaket


“From making myself sick with confusion, I sourced the clarity to leave my marriage.  And then fell in epic love with a brilliant, sexy, generous man.  LiYana is my love guru and I don’t believe in gurus.  She’s that good.  Get her in your corner.”
Nisha Moodley


“I looked at the way LiYana succeeds in life and business in a way that is inherently feminine and I said, ‘I want what she’s got.  Take me there.  My business has easily tripled and I actually enjoy it again.  And it is an ecstatic expression of my greatest contribution.”
Wendy K. Yalom


“LiYana is the best at what she does, no kidding.  As a coach myself, I profoundly up-leveled my own coaching through the deep work we did together.”
Gina Knepell


“Transformation on warp speed.  Working with LiYana was fast, efficient and easy – and nothing short of a miracle.”
Tamara Cameron


“Everything I was searching for, I found within me.  I know nothing is – or ever was – wrong with me.  I was just too busy to listen to my body.”
Angelina DeWeese

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Whether for a series of transformational private sessions or for a VIP 2-day custom-designed immersion, it would be my honor for us to get to work.

From anywhere on the globe, we’ll connect by phone or video conference, or meet in person for a sumptuous VIP intensive.  Our work will draw from the modalities I call Transformational Coaching, Body-Based Leadership, and Belief Re-Patterning, and is uniquely tailored to what you need to thrive.

It is my honor to explore how we can get to work.

To get the ball rolling, please put your heart-felt answers to the following questions, so I can get a deeper sense of who you are and what you want.

If I see that we will be a great fit, we will then set up an hour-long Exploratory Session (gratis) to connect fully and give you a felt sense of how I work.  If we both feel we are a fit, I will outline the “map” of our work together: what we will work on (including some gorgeous things you might not even think to want for yourself) and the structure of our sessions, including pricing.  And we’ll dive in!

So, ride the energy wave of your interest and fill this out now.  (It should take you about 15-20 minutes).

Your answers are sent to me securely and are kept 100% confidential.

Feel free to be as uncensored and grammatically incorrect – or as precise and elegant – as you wish.  Just roll.

    Thank you for giving me a look into your beautiful soul.  I’ll be in touch within 3-5 days.

    • put on our wading boots and swim far past the deep end
    • remake problems into power, wounds into wings
    • watch (heart exploding) as you skywrite your extraordinary story across the horizon and ride off into your Feminine Genius™ sunset

    I can’t wait to meet you,


    for 12 success-minded women, this will be the six-month immersive ride of your divine life



    get hooked up to your deepest desires; the key to walking your talk, putting meaningful work into the world without burning out, your no-apologies authentic self-expression, your wellspring of creativity and an infinitely more pleasurable sensual life.


    balance your “get it done” masculine strength with your “make life magical” feminine strength, so you can listen to your body’s wisdom and intuition, re-pattern the painful beliefs running the show of your life, let go of confusion around your sensuality and fall in love with your “soul’s purpose.”


    get carried by a powerful mentor and learn the essential, often counter-intuitive tools “the feminine” needs to flourish (in a world built more for “the masculine”), alongside a select tribe of extraordinary sisters, each bound to bloom into the woman she has long been aching to become.

    private retreats.  virtual trainings.  guest luminaries.  extensive one:ones.  gifts, treats, and surprises.


    ph.d. training for Feminine Geniuses


    come home to the sexy power of your body and channel that bold, creative genius into your biz, your love & your life.

    “everything i was searching for, i found in me.  i’m home.  in 6 months, LiYana
    helped me transform things that i have been working on in other growth and
    development programs for 10+ years.”

    Angelina Deweese, embodiment experience 2013