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Welcome. I’m so glad you found your way to me.


I help women move through the hardest sh!t of their lives, and become Queens.

Yes, your full Queen-self is coming. Oh, she is coming. I can hear her thundering toward us, on the horizon. And she is glorious.

She is you, Phoenix Queen, rising from ash.

Rebuilding what has fallen apart.
Saying what you once silenced. 
Feeling what you once buried. 
Knowing what you once doubted. 
Confident where you once caved. 
Comfortable in the body you once hated. 
Owning what you once apologized for.
Moving, building, and creating where you once froze. 

Anchored in your joy, lit by your sensual fire, and living your life like the wise, blazingly powerful woman you truly are.

But first, the hard sh!t.

I know what you are going through (or have gone through) is no joke. It’s spectacularly painful. Senseless even. 

As in, a bad breakup. Divorce. Re-finding yourself after divorce. Becoming a mother. Not becoming a mother. Post-partum. Health crises. Moving homes. Moving countries. Death. Depression. Loss. 2020.

And, what used to work, no longer works. In fact, it makes things worse.


Perhaps you’re doing what most of us do when sh!t gets hard: you get even meaner and harder on yourself, you double down on the doubting, judging, restricting, punishing, pushing, planning, and warring with yourself.

I’ve been there myself, and I’ve been there with hundreds and hundreds of women.

For the last 18 years, I have taken women through a unique process that transforms the original beliefs that created the self-warring in the first place.


So that you are no longer in their grip. So that you can be your full, whole Queen Self.

As one of my sheroes Hannah Gadsby says, “There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.” 

I bet you can feel it in your bones as I say it: Often, it takes a crawl through the muck to (re)build yourself as Queen. 

It’s not always easy or fun or glamorous. But there is gold to be mined from this hard, sh!tty time: precious realizations and pieces of yourself that simply cannot be retrieved in any other way.

First, we must understand what fell apart and transform it so that as you rebuild yourself as Queen, you do so upon a strong, true foundation.

Let’s look: what parts of you have you been silencing, burying, doubting, hiding, freezing, and apologizing for?

Your body?
Your feelings?
Your voice?
Your sex?
Your fire?
Your tenderness?
Your needs? Your desire? Your hunger?
How much space you take up? 
That you were born a girl (and not a boy)?

You can’t just slap on a fresh coat of paint and hope for a “new you.”  

If you aren’t deliberate as you rebuild yourself and your life, you’ll do so based on your past, painful beliefs. 

Based on what your logical mind (or other people, or our very confused culture) THINK you should do and be. 

With half of you still silenced, buried, and hiding.

And then, instead of a Reinvention, you’ll have a Re-Enactment — of all the same shit (with a fresh coat of paint on it).


I know you do not need more of the same old sh!t.

The crap that gets kicked up in the hard times can’t be eliminated at the surface level. 

You need to go deeper.

As a coach and mentor, this is what I was made to do.

Some dramatic, lasting shifts you can expect from going deeper, together:


  • Trusting yourself, even with life’s highest-stakes choices and in the face of others’ loud opinions.
  • Doing your work in the world with your Feminine Genius™ in the driver’s seat.
  • Keen inner knowing.
  • Comfort, ease, and even joy with being seen. Visible. And cherished.
  • Feeling anchored in your sensuality, vitality, and joy.
  • Creating and maintaining boundaries (verbal and energetic).
  • Self-regulation, for a secure, soothed, and settled nervous system.
  • Believing you are deserving, enough, lovable and even magnificent.
  • Expressing yourself clearly and powerfully.
  • Asking for what you want, understanding what you need, making bold requests, and resolving conflicts without collapsing.
  • Feeling beautiful and valuable at all the ages, all the weights, and all the incomes.
  • No longer obsessed with others liking you; you like you. Unapologetically.
  • Acting, speaking, and feeling as though you are a kind, loving, sexy, stunning, brilliant being of luminescence.
  • Simply. Being. Yourself.

I believe that…


On this earth, there is a substance more precious, strong, and fine than diamonds. It’s called WOMAN.

The pieces of you the hard sh!t is stripping you of? They are sheets of old skin, covering up your diamond nature. Let’s let them slough off.

Let’s get you shining like a fucking priceless gem, shall we?

The world needs the perspectives, heart, and body-wisdom of its womxxn. There is no one more suited to solve the myriad of problems we face as a world, communities, and families, than women. You are made for this.

You wouldn’t have landed on this page with me here if that ember wasn’t lit inside you.

Queen, you won’t emerge from our work together perfect, or pain-free. However — because I know you and I know what you are made of — I know what we co-create together will be a breath-taking version of you and your life:


  • Free from the chains of perfectionism.
  • Able to stay with yourself through the pain and pleasure of this wild ride called life.
  • Clarity.
  • Resilience.
  • Radical self-trust.
  • Grace and gravitas.
  • Self-sourced sovereignty.
  • The kind of self-esteem that comes with knowing that your Inner Knowing always knows the next step to take.
  • Depth. Wholeness. And fabulous fucking freedom.

“My entire life I struggled to see my beauty. I was reeeally hard on myself, jealous, afraid of what others thought of me, and afraid of being alone. With LiYana’s thoughtful, spacious, loving attention, we shifted old beliefs that had been driving some seriously unhealthy behaviors for a long time. The love I have for myself now is priceless.”
Jennifer Zlaket


“From making myself sick with confusion, I sourced the clarity to leave my marriage. And then fell in epic love with a brilliant, sexy, generous man. LiYana is my love guru and I don’t believe in gurus. She’s that good. Get her in your corner.”
Nisha Moodley


“I looked at the way LiYana succeeds in life and business in a way that is inherently feminine and I said, ‘I want what she’s got. Take me there. My business has easily tripled and I actually enjoy it again. And it is an ecstatic expression of my greatest contribution.”
Wendy K. Yalom


“LiYana is the best at what she does, no kidding. As a coach myself, I profoundly up-leveled my own coaching through the deep work we did together.”
Gina Knepell


“Transformation on warp speed. Working with LiYana was fast, efficient and easy – and nothing short of a miracle.”
Tamara Cameron


“Everything I was searching for, I found within me. I am home. I know nothing is – or ever was – wrong with me. I was just too busy to listen to my body. In six months, LiYana helped me transform things that I have been working on in other growth and
development programs for 10+ years.”

Angelina DeWeese

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It is my honor to explore how we can get to work.

My private practice is currently full.

However, please let me know of your interest by filling out the application below and I will be in touch as soon as spots open up. Your responses are sent to me securely and I keep them with 100% confidentiality. I look forward to connecting!


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When spots open up, I will reach out to set up an hour-or-so Exploratory Session (gratis) to connect fully and give you a felt sense of how I work. If we both feel we are a fit, I will outline the “map” of our work together: what we will work on (including some gorgeous things you might not even think to want for yourself) and the structure of our sessions, including pricing. And we’ll dive in!

So, ride the energy wave of your interest and fill this out now. It will be clarifying and affirming regardless of whether or not we work further.

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Just roll.

Thank you for giving me a look into your beautiful soul. 


Register your interest above so that we can …

  • Put on our wading boots and swim far past the deep end
  • Remake problems into power, wounds into wings
  • Watch (heart exploding) as you skywrite your extraordinary story across the horizon and ride off into your Feminine Genius™ sunset

I can’t wait to meet you,