Welcome, friend!

I’m LiYana Silver, the author of Feminine Genius and Transformational Coach for women.*


For the past 20+ years, women have come to me with the toughest, most intractable questions in life.

And we create incredible transformation in their lives, work, bodies & selves … in record time.

Our work together is about helping you to listen to your own voice first.

  • That means shredding the scripts that run our lives and being overdetermined by other people’s expectations of you.
  • It means cultivating skill and self-confidence and being unshakably anchored in who you truly are. (I call that state your Feminine Genius … and yep, I wrote a whole book about it.)
  • It means seeing yourself magnificently, treating yourself reverently, and living your life meaningfully.

And all of that sometimes starts in the depths. The dark. The un-wanted change. (The deeply desired change!). The announcement. The break-up. The breakthrough.

That’s where the gold is.

And with that gold, you’ll find your self-trust, backbone, audacity & joy…

… so you can become the woman you’re meant to be. 


Let’s get started.

* I define ‘woman’ as a person who experiences misogyny.


Here's How We Can Work Together:


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