Let’s dig into the deep, the dire & the delicious

You are good enough & unquestionably lovable 

Nearly everyone — if not everyone — I’ve worked with over my 22 years has come to me with the underlying doubt that they are not good enough, not lovable.

Nearly everyone, if not everyone.

And yet, nearly everyone — in fact, I’d confidently say everyone — that I’ve had the honor of working with over these past 22 years, has developed a foundational, unquestionable knowing of their enoughness, worth, and lovability. 

They take that back into their lives and are able to do things like:

  • Hear their own voice, first.
  • Live, work, and create from a state of confidence and self-trust.
  • Know their life-purpose and ‘Sacred Assignment’ (and know how to listen for when that changes, as it likely will).
  • Grow a career or body of work they’re passionate about.
  • Stop living and working from the push, hustle, and overwhelm of “the masculine” and start living and working with the flow, grace, and genius of “the feminine.”
  • Know they won’t recreate the same old painful relationship pattern.
  • Feel vivacious and sexy.
  • Make their next chapter of life meaningful and beautiful.

(TLDR: I have two spots open for 1:1 coaching, which, if you’re impatient, you can read more about below).

So, how does it happen that nearly all of humanity (or at least the ones that have crossed my doorstep) believes they are not good enough or lovable?

And just as important, how can we change that at the root, so that your entire sense of yourself is altered and you can go about delighting in your body, life, connections, and work?

Here’s how it all takes hold in the first place.

Let’s say, when you were young, you found yourself in a family or with caregivers who were overwhelmed, distracted, distressed, or downright dangerous.

Whatever the circumstances, you weren’t getting the care and attention you needed. But the kicker is that you likely assumed that you didn’t DESERVE that care and attention. 

You may have concluded something like,

“There’s something broken, bad, deficient, or not good enough 
about me or else they would give me that care and attention. 
If I were better or brighter or not a burden, 
then they would deem me worthy of that care and attention,
and then I would know I’m good enough and lovable.”

So you set off into life doubting your worth and lovability, sure that if you better and brighten yourself, you’ll finally deserve that care and attention and finally FEEL enough and lovable.

I think the words for that are WTF.

Because despite the reminders from your friends that you are a-fu*king-mazing, from your work that you are doing good, from your family or partner or kids that you are so, so lovable (and they are right, by the way), deep down, you still doubt it.

So how does this transform?

We have to get to the ‘deep down,’ where you still doubt it.

I don’t know of a better way to do this than by working with someone who knows, practices, and embodies these five key traits/skills:

1. They know how to access the ‘deep down.’
They know how to ‘speak’ to your body, to your emotional mind, and to your unconscious so that those tender parts of you are safe to open up. Regular ol’ words won’t work, so they must have deep experience with what does.

2.They respect you.
They hold an unwavering stance that you are not broken or deficient. You don’t need fixing. You do not need a five-step plan or a glittery guru. They are clear their role is guide or midwife, not savior.

3. You trust them.
Your bullsh!t meter doesn’t go off when you’re with them. You sense that whatever you throw at them, will not throw them off their center.
You trust their experience, that they didn’t just start coaching or healing work a few minutes ago, but they’ve been at this for some time, refining and deepening over years and decades.
You trust their expertise that’s received a seal of approval from folks over time, and still works years and decades on.

4. They will help you skill up.
They have a body of work that’s flexible and customizable to you and your unique needs and circumstances. They don’t mistake you for a cookie in need of a cookie-cutter approach.  They want to make sure that you’re set up with the attitudes and skills you need to navigate life and make choices as the sovereign, powerful creatrix that you are.

5. They already know, unquestionably and unwaveringly, that you are good enough & lovable.
Period, end of sentence. It’s vital to have someone who believes in you and knows that what you want is possible, so that you can grow that same belief in yourself, for yourself.

How is it that I know you are good enough and unquestionably lovable?

Because I’ve spent the last 22 years, with ever more skill and respect, refining how to access the ‘deep down’ and create remarkable transformation.

And because of the self-love and self-worth and backbone that blooms in every one of the folks I get to work intimately with.

Without a guide who embodies these five traits/skills above, the ‘deep down’ remains locked away somewhere in your psyche, impervious to all the praise and raises and trophies and cheerings-on that are supposed to make you feel worthy and lovable, but somehow just never do.

So, my dear, I’ve got two spots open for 1:1 transformational coaching. 

This is multi-month, immersive work that can truly shift the intractable stuff in your inner and outer life.

1. First, I take the time to get to know you deeply — your desires, goals & dreams … your patterns, challenges & stuck places … your background, identities, & personal history … and also your talents, gifts & unique superpowers.

2. Internally, my breakthrough methodology allows us to elegantly rewire self-limiting beliefs and free you from persistent patterns.

3. Externally, you’ll get the bespoke skills, tools, and support you need to live, love, and work as the wonderful being you’re meant to be.

I invite you to take a look at how it all works and then set up a time for us to confirm that I am that type of coach and healer who knows how to get to the deep down & how to guide you to transform a lifetime of self-doubt into a self-loving, self-trusting, luminous life.

Learn more about 1:1 Transformational Coaching.

Set up a time to connect
so we can see if we’re a fit
and if you want one of the
two open spots I’ve got.

If it’s not our time or we aren’t a fit, may you accept no substitutes or charlatans when and if you do select someone to guide your metamorphosis into the next splendid version of yourself.

Enough is enough,

PS: This from a long-time, dear current client, Dr. Maram:

“This work is powerful and LiYana is a master. I have learned that when the medicine is right, healing happens quickly.

Years ago, I somehow stumbled onto LiYana’s mailing list and would read those beautiful reflections regularly. I often felt like she was describing my experience and somehow I felt validated. Slowly it opened up the possibility that maybe I wasn’t alone, maybe I am not broken or malfunctioning. 

One day, LiYana sent out an invitation for private coaching since she had some space open up. I usually overthink things, but for some reason, I didn’t this time. I set up a consultation. Within a few minutes, we were somewhere deep inside me and I couldn’t understand it intellectually, but a different part of me knew I needed this so I said, “YES let’s do this.”

LiYana guided me back to myself. She trusted my own knowing when I didn’t. She believed me, which was so strange at first. I didn’t have to explain or provide evidence or justify what I felt. I am very protective of my core values, so allowing someone to be with me in my deep inner world is special. 

LiYana honors that space, honors my beliefs, honors me. She never, not once, tried to change or fix me.

Important relationships in my life found healing and deepening. My connection to myself and trust in God opened and deepened. Patterns that persisted for years (no matter what I tried) unfolded and opened.

I have always sought growth and in working with LiYana, the path became easier.”

~ Dr. Maram, PhD in Curriculum and Instruction

PPS: Just two spots. When they’re gone, they’re gone. 

If you have a question that would help you leap, please simply send me an email. Ask away, and I’ve got you covered.

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