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Your body is a temple

Your body is a temple.

I’ve heard that phrase many times before. I have always loved it, but truth be told, I only let it sink in as far as, “Too many French fries just ain’t good for this sacred vessel o’ mine.” Or, “Less complaining, more gratitude.” And, “If this eyeliner blinded the bunny it was tested on, I surely should not, ethically or practically, put it on my eyes.”

But really, what if my body were ACTUALLY a temple?

We, the varied humans of the world, create temples so we can enter in to a special space to encounter the divine — and for the divine to encounter us.

We create temples to act as megaphones for our desires and prayers.

We create temples to honor those upon whose shoulders we stand.

We create temples as art in supplication to the Artist.

We create temples when words fall short of the Awe and Gratitude we feel for the privilege of being alive.

So what if I took seriously that the energy emanating from my body could be that special space in which divine encounters divine?

What if I knew that each person spending 6 minutes with me on the line at the grocery store or 60 minutes with me in a session was hangin’ with the holies?

What if the (not bunny-tested) mascara I applied this morning, embellishing lashes just so, was an invitation to the person who next meets my eyes to be moved by the sacred calligraphy of lash upon cheek?

What if I really assumed that when you look upon my form, you are gazing upon a Goddess?

What if I knew that your glance is an ode to That-Which-Animates-Me? And in response, my internal refrain was “Yes, enjoy the view.”

What if I took the same care with putting earrings in my ears and bangles on my wrists as I would lighting incense on an altar?

What if I knew my voice — in its clarity, confusion, power, and love — was making a joyful noise unto the heavens?

What if we all did?

Really, what if we all did? Come on down and gather ‘round the Facebook campfire, and give us one of your As to that Q. I’ll see you there.

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